Friday inspiration.

På bloggen Hitta hem har som vanlig Marie och Pella varit i farten. Kolla bara in denna snygga installation som de gjort genom att hänga en canvastavla på “fel håll”. Träramen bildar små nischer, fina att dekorera med valfria personlig ting. Kreativt och lagom enkelt DIY-projekt för helgen kanske.


Bilder; via HittaHem

[room] by sofie

-inredare / stylist / skribent.


  1. Ã…h, sÃ¥ hærlige bilder. Vet ikke hvor jeg skal begynne Ã¥ kommenterer, sÃ¥ jeg mÃ¥ ta en felles pÃ¥ alt du viser… Nydelig :). Tenk sÃ¥ hærlig at du kan pusle ute og ordne til :)Stor klem 🙂

  2. I’m a stuffing out person. And I’m so anal retentive I write up a schedule and post it on the fridge.I was talking to a friend today about Thanksgiving, and I was amazed at the number of people our age (people with kids and houses and lives) who have never cooked a turkey before. You’ll do great.

  3. Mal ging die Hälfte an die Frau Mama. Weitere (Haupt)Abnehmer sind Schwesterherz, der Lieblingsneffe und Schwiegermama in Spe. An dankbaren Abnehmern mangelt es mir zum Glück nicht. @SarahMorenaHa, dann habe ich garantiert schon mal ein paar Walnüsse deines Opas schnabuliert. :)Wünsche ich dir auch. (Hoffentlich hält das Wetter)

  4. Wouldn't it be cool to start a blogging series about what the fuck is wrong with the publishing industry? I don't resent the success of brainless chick lit, though I only can stand so much of it before I go "ROmance" and throw the whole thing out the window. (This one sounds like I might not, but, you know.) Also, I will read your novel. Willingly. Even if, and possibly especially if, NOBODY GETS A HAPPY ENDING.

  5. pourquoi avoir une ministre de la santé si se n’est pour protéger ses citoyens contre ses assassins qui est bien sur les industries qui nous vendent la mort a petit feu, la mort par cette maladie qui est le cancer et bien d’autres . Mais l’etat a besoin de ce genre d’assassins pour l’économieARGENT=MORT

  6. A simple way to not age quick is to not use foundation. Ever. It sounds weird but it will age your skin quicker. Also, if you’re young, don’t use anti-aging products. That, according to my aunt-who’s-a-beautician, makes you age too.

  7. Hi Mary-Lou & John,We are glad to have you along for the ride. We are having an amazing time and the obstacles are all part of the adventure. We are on the ferry to Nova Scotia as I reply and we are enjoying the down time. Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto!Hal & Wendy

  8. Pues, Mario. sin lugar a dudas “El juego del Ángel”.De todos modos te aconsejaría que también leyeses la Princesa de Hielo. Es mejor que tengas tu propia opinión. Eso es leer en el fondo, opinar sobre lo que se lee, no las opiniones de los demás. Después me cuentas.

  9. Nobody is saying Jesus HAS to be married…Actually, I’m wondering if it’s a requirement. If Christ was sinless and a member of the godhead, is he going to be a God like his own HF and have his own planet? And, if so, doesn’t he need a wife? That’s how I understand the doctrine, so I’m curious about the “requirement” of a spouse for Christ. We know God the Father has one…I don’t care too much about who else ends up where in the hereafter.

  10. A good plastic recorder is not a bad thing. A wooden one, esp a used one, will have a lot of quirks that someone who is not used to wind instruments won’t know how to deal with. Like if it hasn’t been oiled properly, or with the larger ones, has quirky keys. A good plastic recorder will give a beginner an evenness of sound and will not cost nearly as much. I would definitely not start with anything lower than an alto. The amount and types of repertoire available aren’t as satisfying for the beginner.

  11. Cette station m’intéresse mais à 176€ ( avec FDP) c’est tout de même beaucoup trop cher , vu le nombre limité de capteur!!!! A savoir qu’on trouve des stations complètes à 160€ ……… Bref ce produit à 100€ je le prenais, mais là Non……

  12. I’ll be getting a Japanese 3DS at some point, because the region locking (which they’ve been frustratingly vague about) means that I have to pick between English and Japanese, and these days I play more Japanese games. No more awesome Ace Attorney localisations for me Also, if you think $250 is expensive you should see the European prices – €250/$337 and £230/$368 for the UK!

  13. Sep05JP Well aniruddha, you can see your comment in this post and now that i have replied, you would see mine too. Is that what you want?VN:F [1.9.17_1161]please wait…VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

  14. Myślę, że może to być naprawdę rewolucja, nie tylko w kwestii płatności, ale też w różnych innych branżach. Czego przykładem jest branża turystyczna. Nawet nie wiedziałem, że jesteśmy pierwsi w wykorzystaniu NFC w sektorze turystycznym.

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